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Al Pizarro

About Alberto "Al" Pizarro

Co-owner Al Pizarro started out as a DJ working at various clubs that include Tapestry, Peoples, La Mirage, 109 Gallery, and the Disco Den record pool in Harlem, New York. His hands-on experience help grow his knowledge of the music industry grew, eventually leading to him starting a record pool. The first one was in Bronx, New York, named SURE Record Pool and founded with partners Bobby E. Davis and Paul Marin.

Billboard Magazine™ Reporter

During this time, he became a Billboard Magazine reporter. He was recognized for swiftly breaking urban records. This includes receiving gold and platinum plaques for:

Expose' • Karen Young • Public Enemy • Sugarhill Gang

V.I.P. Record Pool

Al later departed from SURE and started the V.I.P. Record Pool. This is where his ability to break records grew, starting with chapters of V.I.P. in both Florida (Felix Sama) and Chicago (Julian "Jumpin" Perez). While breaking these records, he discovered talented musicians from around the country, including:

Barbara Fernandez • Budda Ces (Cesar Lugo) • DMX  • Emma Ramos • Information Society • Judy Torres • Pedro Liz
Sara Kana • Superior • T Boogie

Finding Talented Musicians Nationwide

From house music in Chicago, to bass in Miami and DJs in New York and nationwide, Al has an eye for finding the hottest musical talent in the nation. From this initial group, he was able to organize events in New York City and nationwide. Many careers sprung forth from this effort, including:

Ace Production DJs - Miguel, Hector and Owen • Carlos Berrios • DJ Funkmaster Flex • DJ Jazzy Jay • DJ Jazzy Joyce • DJ Scribbles 
Dr. Bob Lee • Grandmaster Flash • Kool Herc • Mickey Garcia

Street Promotion and Marketing

In early 1993, he was hired by Interscope™/Death Row™ by Kevin Black, was in charge of handling the New York City area's street promotion and marketing. This expanded his skillset by working with artists like:

2 Pac • D12 • Dr. Dre • Eminem • Janet Jackson • Snoop Dogg

Heavy Rotation Promotion

He was then able to get hired by various labels as an independent promotion company. Al's services were utilized by record labels such as:

Cash Money™ • Virgin Records™ • MCA™ • No-Limit™ • Priority™ • Rap-A-Lot™ • Shady™ • Twism™ • Universal™ • A&M™ Island™ • Aftermath™

After 2001

In 2001, Al decided to raise his 2-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. Since then he has worked with:

Health First™ • Montefiore Medical Group™/The Jerome Gun Hill Bid Festival • Radio Disney™ • The Daily News™

Multi-Platform Festival

Al has spent the last 14 years creating a multi-platform festival that entertains, draws in, empowers, and improves the experience of sponsors and spectators. The festival brought in more than 30,000 people during the day. Al focused on producing a family-friendly festival that caters to all ages by breaking down the three-block area into zones: Kiddy Zones, Sports, Educational, Food, Award and Performances. Al is now the general manager for My Jam TV, a 24-hour music video network.

Successful Artists

As a DJ, promoter, and festival producer, Al is able to recognize great songs and their writers, and will expose them through any outlet available to him. Now, he has started Who's The Best MC?, an open audition and music contest, with DJ Manny. He brings with him experience gained by earning the Best Rap Record Pool of the Year from 1992 to 1996, and gold plaques with "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll" by Vaughan Mason and "Operation Stackola" by Luniz. His platinum awards include:

"The Chronic"- Dr Dre
"OPP" - Naughty By Nature
"Murder Was The Case" - Snoop Doggy Dogg
"Above The Rim"- Various Artists
"The Marshall Mathers LP" - Eminem

"The Diary" - Scarface
"Public Enemy" - Public Enemy
"Dicen Que Soy" - India
"Sugarhill Gang" - The Sugarhill Gang