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DJ Manny

About DJ Manny "Surgeon Of Sounds"

DJ Manny Gerald Garcia AKA Juney Boom has been involved in the music industry for more than 30 years. Our co-owner has provided DJ services for a number of college events and served as Mobile and Master Mixer for WKTU. In addition, DJ Manny has helped to start a number of careers for new artists through his music record label, and introduced new music through his own skills, personality, and relationships.


DJ Manny has participated in 12 DJ battles, winning five of them. He has performed at Fun House and other various clubs, and recorded "Everybody Shut Up" as Juney Boom with John "Jellybean" Benitez and Toni Colandreo. He served on the staff of SURE Record Pool for three years prior to forming a new V.I.P. Record Pool and Who's The Best MC? With Al Pizzaro.

V.I.P. Events

As a co-founder of V.I.P., DJ Manny hosted many events. Some of the most notable gatherings, which launched many new artists and park events, include DJ battles, fashion shows, and club promotions.

DJ Services

DJ Manny has provided services in more than 25 clubs, some of which have included "Let's Get Acquainted" parties. Some clubs include:

Florida Studio 51
Guest Spot at Paradise Garage

La Maganette
Latin Quarters
Pizza a Go-Go
Red Parrot
Rockefeller Center
Skate Key

Star Roller Rink
Studio 54
Tavern on the Green

Hi-Tide Club

DJ Manny started Hi-Tide, including putting in the sound system and promoting it. He made it one of the hottest spots in Bronx, New York. One favored guest was Jennifer Lopez, a friend of DJ Manny while she was starring on "In Living Color" as a fly girl. He introduced Angel to Sal Abitel from Fever Records, and The Cover Girls were started. Other stars who popped in include Hector Camacho, the Giants' Lawrence Taylor, Ron Strickland of the NY Knicks, Johnny O, and Judy Torres.

Starlight Club

DJ Manny started this club, including installing the sound system with Al Pizarro. It became one of the hottest spots in the Bronx.