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Do You Have What it Takes To Be The Best MC ?

Who's The Best MC? is an open audition and MC contest that is proud to provide up-and-coming hip-hop MCs with the opportunity to get out onto the big stage. To help in this endeavor, we host competitions at locations throughout the country. Our experience working with true talent in the past has taught us how to discover those with talent right below the surface. We are ready to help you go beyond YouTubeTM and reach your goal.

What We Bring to the Table

Our team cares enough to listen to new talent. Alberto, Who's The Best MC?'s founder, knows what it's like on waiting to be discovered. If you have talent, we will help you develop it after the contest. We only care about talent, not politics. To ensure impartiality, all initial contests are limited to residents of the local community. Even those who do not continue on to the next round will have an experience they will never forget. Additionally, you will receive local publicity due to our up-to-date publication of contest data. Furthermore, by registering, you will be automatically entered in to ongoing drawings from our sponsors. This means that you can still win prizes such as clothing, music equipment and MORE!

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Registration is only $50. Each registrant will be guaranteed a placement in one of the first 15 competitions, assuming all rules and regulations are followed.

Rules and Regulations

Each city is assigned a local director to ensure competition fairness. All contestants agree to undergo a background check of prior work to screen for content. No profanity shall be tolerated. Following acceptance, each competitor will be assigned to their local director and have access to an online list of sponsors as the competition date approaches.


Social Media

The focus of this competition will always be multi. Making sure that as you continue to compete you increase your abilities and have access to build yourself as an artist. So even after the fact you would improve regardless weather you’ve won or not. So everyone comes out a winner. One of the most important things for any artist is your social media outlets. How to best utilize them to reach your goal. Our company has brought in Jerry “FastFeet” Fontanez to aid our contestants in this area. Mr. Fontanez will be able to assist you in improving whatever social media platform you are currently using. There will be separate charge for this service that will be determine by Mr. Fontanez. In order to keep the integrity of WTB MC we are ensured that his prices will be discounted because of your registration. Once again we are mindful that the purpose of this competition is set up to help you, not drain you of your finances. Mr. Fontanez can assist you in the following areas. Your own APP, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and many more.

The DJ and WTB MC

For the purpose of this competition we are allowing DJ’s to participate as a component of WTB MC. We know the importance of the DJ when it comes to your performance and we also know that it’s the right DJ that matters. Not every DJ can be part of an MC’s show, they have to blend together as one. So we are opening the doors for DJ’s to join our community through Bestmc.live to add an available tool for our MC’s. Like Jay Master Jay for Run DMC, DJ Jazzy Jeff for Will Smith and Grandmaster Flash for the Furious five. It is with no doubt that a good DJ can make a difference in any MC’s performance. So we welcome all DJ’s to join our community at no fee so our MC’s can have a conversation with you on the possibilities of becoming part of their performance. We welcome DJ Jazzy Jay as he lends his name and skills to create this community for this purpose. As we continue to grow so will this list of legendary DJ’s because this is a nationally competition we have to select DJ’s to lead from different markets.

Apologies for Past Events

Who's The Best MC? wishes to apologize to contestants who signed up two years ago.  If you were negatively impacted by this, we will gladly provide you with free registration for our upcoming events.

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