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This competition is about talent and giving you access to fine tune and sharpen the talent you already have.
No one can register until they submit a video of what they are capable of.

Please keep in mind all of the rules and regulations when producing your video.  Send your video via YouTube or any form of digital format that you can produce. Submissions are to be emailed to myvideo@whosthebestmc.com. We will send you a confirmation email that we received your video and for review. Afterwards, you will receive an approval or denial email confirming the status of your eligibility to register. Then, and only then, can you pay the $50.00 registration fee to enter this competition.

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Welcome registrants to the Who’s the Best MC competition, originally started back in 2012 -13 was postponed due to family illness. To all of those who previously registered, you are automatically credited for the competition. Send us your name and we will look in our data base and set you up. We offer you our sincere apologies.

            We are happy to have everyone participate in this competition and our staff knows that this will be an exciting and memorable experience for you. You’ll meet many people from different parts of the country as you move up in the ranks. Unlike the MC battles that are held in local cities, this is a nationwide search for the next artist on our WTB Music label. Manny & I look forward to meeting each and every one of you via email or in person. Our dream was to create something that would give anyone a chance without the politics and corruption that goes on. This is not about who you know, it is about YOU and YOUR talent. Though many people would say there is only going to be 1 winner, there will be many labels looking at this competition as a pool of new talent. Do your best to show us what you can do and let the public see so that music professionals will be astonished at the raw talent that you possess. Our label is named WHERE THEY BELIEVE aka WTB because this is a place where the people around us believe in what they are doing. So we say to you, we believe in YOU!

GOD bless 

Al Pizarro

Manny Gerald 

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