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We are looking to crown the KING of Hip Hop for recording contract with WTB Music.

Join the “Battle of the MC’s” today!


1.  FEE. – A non-refundable fee of $50 (which helps with the administration of the IHHP event) is required & must be paid along with each signed application.

2. ORIGINAL MUSIC. - We are judging M.C. performances on originality as well as your lyric & music content. So you will need to use original lyrics & music for the first & second rounds. If you do reach the Finals, we will inform you when popular or non-original material may be used. Due to the fact that YouTube and other sites have a flag feature when there is an infringement of any copyright, all applicants are required to agree to only to use “original” lyrics & music when signing their application.


3.  NON-EXPLICIT. – All performances are required to be non-explicit and should not refer to guns, drugs, demean women or use the n-word, as your performance may be played on the radio or viewed by audiences of all ages.


4. BE PROMPT! – All artists will be required to arrive at least one hour prior to the venue opening its doors for a ”sound check” and so that we may arrange for the time of your appearance.


5. SUPPORTERS. – Each artist may have no more than 3 supporters on the stage with them during their performance. Crowd control will be considered as part of their overall score by the judges.

6. M.C’s MUSIC -  To avoid any technical issues, all Artists should bring with them their own beats / music on a CD. However, the use of an iPod, iPad, or thumb drive will be acceptable… but only if you have the correct connection cords to hook them up to the venue’s output and you arrive at the venue early enough to ensure we know what you will be using.

7.  All Registrants will be judged on image as a criteria of part of their performance. To be a star you have to look like a star.

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