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Al Pizarro

Al Pizarro


Al Pizarro started out as a DJ working at various clubs ( Tapestry, Peoples, La Mirage, 109 Gallery etc. and work with the Disco Den record pool in Harlem, NY. His knowledge in the Music Industry grew and he eventually started his own record pool. The first record pool in the Bronx named S.U.R.E. along with partners Bobby E. Davis and Paul Marin. During that time he became a Billboard Magazine reporter. He was recognized for breaking urban records at a fast pace. Receiving gold and platinum plaques for Sugarhill Gang, Public Enemy, Karen Young and Expose’ Al Pizarro later departed from S.U.R.E. and started the V.I.P. Record pool where his ability to break records grew starting chapters of VIP in both Florida (Felix Sama)and Chicago Julian “Jumpin” (Perez).

As he continued to break records he also founded talent across the country not just artist but Music Professionals also Just to name a few Judy Torres, Information Society, DMX and Music Professionals Emma Ramos, Barbara Fernandez, Superior, Pedro Liz, Budda Ces(Cesar Lugo), Sara Kana and T Boogie, . As traveled to Chicago to get house music and to Miami for Bass music focusing on bringing the hottest music around for his DJ’s He was able to organize a group of the up and coming DJ’s in New York and across the country.

Their commitment to the craft was evident in the success each DJ had in their own careers. Some of his past members from both S.U.R.E. and VIP included. DJ Funkmaster Flex, Mickey Garcia, Dr. Bob Lee, Carlos Berrios, Ace Production DJ’s (Miguel, Hector and Owen), DJ Jazzy Jay, Kool Herc, DJ Scribbles, Carlos Berrios, DJ Jazzy Joyce and Grandmaster Flash the list goes on. In the early 1993 he was hired by Interscope/Death Row by Kevin Black handling the NYC area in street promotion and marketing. Now expanding his skills in a national capacity working with artist, Snoop Dogg, 2 Pac, Dr. Dre, Eminem, D12 and Janet Jackson. He was able to get hired by various labels as a independent promotion company (Heavy Rotation Promotion).

Hired by the following Labels Virgin, Priority, No-Limit, Cash Money, Noo-Trybe, A&M, Island, Aftermath, Shady, Twism, Rap A Lot, MCA, Universal. In 2001 Al Pizarro had a big change in his life he decided to raise two of his children by himself and focused on raising his 2 year old daughter and 9 year old son. Since then he has worked with Montefiore Medical Group/The Jerome Gun Hill Bid Festival, The Daily News, Health First and Radio Disney in creating the multi-platform festival for 14 years. Recognized for creative a way in drawing people to the three block shopping area. While entertaining, empowering and increasing the quality experience of sponsors and spectators. This event gathered over 30,000 people during the course of the day. Al Pizarro focused on producing a family friendly festival catering to all ages breaking down the three block area into zones. Kiddy Zones, Sports, Educational, Food, award and performances. As of 2015 Al Pizarro has been the GM for MYJAMTV a 24hr Music Video Network.

As a DJ/Promoter/Festival producer. Al Pizarro was able to recognize great song and expose them with whatever outlet he had available to him. Now He embarks on his own Label with Partner Manny Gerald.

Al Pizarro Credits include
Recipient of the following awards
1992 – 1996 Best Rap Record Pool of the year

Gold Plaques
Bounce Rock, Skate Roll – Vaughn Mason
Operation Stackola - Luniz
The Chronic – Dr Dre
OPP – Naughty By Nature
Murder Was The Case – Snoop Doggy Dogg
Above The Rim – Various Artist
Marshal Mathers – Eminem
The Diary – Scarface
Public Enemy – Public Enemy
Dicen Que Soy – India
Sugar Hill Gang – Sugar Hill Gang

Manny Gerald

Vice President

AKA Juney Boom

Has been involved with the music industry for over 30 years, events of DJ Manny are as followed:

* Staff of SURE Record Pool for 3 years.

* Started new Record Poll V.I.P. with Al Pizarro

* Did numerous events with V.I.P. including D.J. Battles, Fashion Shows, Club Promotions,  launched many new artists and various park events.

* Recorded Everybody Shut Up with John “Jellybean” Benitez and Toni Colandreo, as Juney Boom. Performances at Fun House and other various clubs.

* Deejay in over 25 clubs, clubs like studio 54, Thriller, Underground, Red Parrot, Copacabana, Guest Spot at Paradise Garage, Tavern on the Green and Rockefeller center, “Let’s Get Acquainted’ Parties, Pizza a Go-Go, La Maganette, Latin Quarters, Garfield’s, Christine’s, Peoples, Tapestry, Hi-Tide, Starlite, Skate Key, Star Roller Rink, 4D’S, also in Florida Studio 51 and Backstreet.

* Started club Hi-Tide, put in sounds system and promoted club, making it one of the hottest spots in the Bronx. Where I had Jennifer Lopez a friend of mine while she was starring on “In Living Color” as a fly girl come by the come by the club to dance many times. Introduced Angel to Sal Abbatielo from Fever Records and the Covergirl’s were started. Also many others stars popped in Hector Camacho regularly, Giants Lawrence Taylor, Rod Strickland NY Knicks, Johnny O, Judy Torres and many others.

*  The D.J. for WKTU Mobile and Master Mixer for WKTU.

*  Started the Starlight Club, put in the sound system with Al Pizarro and it was one of the hottest spots in the Bronx.

*  Participated in 12 D.J. Battles winning 5 of them.

*  Deejay for many college events.

*  Helped start careers for few artists.

*  Broke a lot of new music throughout his career using his D.J. skills and his personality through relationships.

Barbara Fernandez

Barbara Fernandez

Director of Agents

Barbara started her career in the music industry as the director for the VIP Latino a Spanish driven DJ record pool. Where she worked with Tito Nieves, La India, Groupo Mania, La Banda Loca, Marc Anthony and many more. Hosting meetings with Latin industry executives like Ralph Mercado also showcases new Latin bands and focusing on crossing them over into mainstream. Her success was attributed to the constant communication between the DJ’s and the artist. Barbara then started to work for Heavy Rotation on handling the street team working with artist like the Fugees, Shaggy, Sting once again breaking those artists into the mainstream and crossing them over into clubs that normally would not play their songs. Her ability to cross niche music into mainstream was one of her signature talents. When the reggaeton music hit the streets she was right on top of it. Where she was able to take the Latin/Hip Hop/Reggae fusion and get it played in not only the Latin clubs but also the traditional Hip Hop Clubs. Once again crossing it over. She worked with artist like Tego Calderon and Don Omar. Her character allows her to work with the various genres of music and artist with no political fallout. Barbara then started working with the Jerome Gun Hill Bid Festival handling the backstage and artist lineup. This open the doors for our door concert working with the Daily News, Radio Disney and Montefiore Medical Center. Her ability to communicate and deal under stressful condition was put to the test again under a line up of more than 10-15 artist. Which has been proven time and time again.


Assistant Director for Agents

The Woodbridge, VA native is the co-founder of Occupied Thought and founder of CalMarVA.

From 1997 through 1998 he was a sniper for Bay Area publication Showcase Magazine and Upstairs Records, handling street promotions for such artists as Rodney O and Joe Cooley, E40, Tha M.O.B.B., Lex A.D., Angelina, Don P, Chilee Powdah and Attack of the Killlahoe.

In 2000 he worked as an emcee interviewer for the UK based Hip Hopist.com and in 2006 he spearheaded an online campaign to help push Motion Man and Blackalicious’ video “One Time for your mind” to the number 2 position on MTV2.


As an emcee, Silhouette has been a guest on numerous radio stations and has also traveled the west coast in the underground hip hop circuit opening for well respected hip hop artists such as Ed OG, The Artifacts, Slum Village, Locksmith, Motion Man, Planet Asia, Rasco, Tajai and Casual of the Hieroglyphics, even sharing the stage with Fat Lip from the Pharcyde in a guest performance. He has appeared on several mixtapes such as former E40 & Too Short DJ, Pizo the Beatfixer’s Yard Full of Pits: Volume II and has collaborated on projects with many different emcees. Over the years, he has worked for numerous fortune 500 corporations including Honda Financial Services, Blueshield of California, National Consumer Law Group, Decomputis Tax, ADT and has run local and statewide political campaigns as the micro marketing director for California Application Research Group. He was the voice behind many political campaigns ads, robocalls and surveys.

As a current a member of the Wu-Tang DV8TOR Management team, he is actively helping the Wu-Tang Clan build their Black Chamber. Silhouette has also conducted numerous interviews for the International Hip Hop Parade in the Bronx and happens to also be the San Francisco Regional Director for the organization (under Al Pizarro and Tony Crush of the World Famous Cold Crush Brothers). He helped to line up Ice T's Art of Rap Festival with the B-boys for Grandmaster Caz and Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force's set. Silhouette also sits on the executive board of directors for With Our Words (Youth Slam Poetry organization in Stockton, CA) and Hip Hop You Don't Stop Reading.


JJ Rivera

Southern Region Director

Was born in the Bronx, N.Y. at an early age of 12 he became very interested in music and its Rhythmic tunes. He often watched his dad whale away at the guitar which his father played on his off time, often teaching on his days off at their home. While growing up he often was asked by his dad if he wanted to learn how to play a guitar but he always shy away from it, he always found his father so talented asking him why he never turned pro, his dad's reply was because he was the sole provider and if it came down to feeding the family or purchasing a gallon of milk the choice was always family first.

In 1975 at the age of 12 he began paying attention to the block Party Events and park venues that pioneers GrandMaster Flash, Cold Crush Brothers, Ultimate 3 Mc's, Breakout, Fantastic 5 Mc's and host of other pioneers who often battled in the project parks and block party's making many summers memorable. He was influenced so much that he became so interested in the rhythmic cutting and scratching it was music to his ears as the saying goes, he grew up having friends that were experimenting with the sections of a sound of a song to create different rhythmic beats this was so relevant in his search to begin to develop his skills and about this time his friend DJ Nate-ski asked him if he would come to his house to check him out and he would show him how to scratch this was all it took to get the ball rolling in a life long dream of becoming a disc Jockey and developing the skills needed for the long road ahead. along the way he met the most influential person in his life that became his mentor DJ Felix Sama Formerly of WPOW/Power96fm one of south Florida's hottest radio stations, he assisted him for almost 12 yrs. on and off appearing on many events and introduced him to radio which became such a plus, he also assisted him on the club circuit's in the south Florida circle and beyond. He then became a work for hire DJ for the likes of Tito Puente Jr., Tiano Reggaeton Artist, Candela, K-9, Lokissimo to name a few. Thus giving him the experience to rock on a grander scale launching him into his next interest radio in which he played for 305 Live Mix Show out of Miami, WYXT/97.9 fm Youngstown, Ohio., and finally his own Creation of the now running the internet radio show The Headquarter Mix Show in which he is the Program Director. His Manager Juan "Juan Love" Villafane who handles his Management make up the Headquarter mix show Broadcasting out through Ustreamtv presently and our Goal was to be able to bring our show around the world eventually attracting sponsorship and focusing on an idea that DJ's of all genre's can be in 1 or more places at one time thus making the club experience more memorable by via feed of the internet. While actually viewing the DJ's world wide at venues and thus increasing the attraction of the many venues opportunity that will come from seeing DJ's around the world that are often over looked and passed by. Our Over all mission or that of our program director is to unlock the chains of the expense of traveling and/or promoters, club owners to get a better choice at what they can venue or show case for a better experience live and work the average club goer to follow the artist around getting to see him perform in different atmosphere thus making the actual event an excellent experience and the promoters/club owners market their venue for event the ultimate experience. Also to add the following he has gathered since the launch of his new project June 2008 extends to the following reverb nation which has been the greatest of followers and viewers, ustreamtv, you tube, goggle and social networks like, Facebook, Myspace, hi5, Univision, and the list goes on always staying ahead by constant devotion to the visual and mixing experience of his dream to be a pioneer in what is a growing market in Cyber space. you can simply Google search the name DJ MC Juneski and see for yourself the many pages listed of his work and dedication to this show the infamous Headquarters Mix Show.


Anthony Buie

"I bring success via loyalty, honesty, trust and hard work."

Since 2003 Anthony Buie has been in Capital Management business either in merchants or funding. Mr. Buie has been successful in helping start up stores, businesses throughout the country. His expertise in this field brings a lot to the WTB corporation bringing the synergy to those company that would otherwise overlook a competition like this. With over 14 years of experience in this field he has helped companies build their net worth from 2 or 3k a month to 20 – 50k a month.

In 2003 12/2009 - Merchant Processing Service as a Closer / Leader

He would make over 200 calls per day and pitch to merchants that needed credit card processing while educating them on the prospects on features and benefits of having it. His due diligence of maintaining a working pipeline of 40 prospects or more to close 10 per month proved his technique not only works but was very successful. It created a working environment that cause and effect to train a motivate others on the sales floor.

From 2009 – to 2015 Mr. Buie worked for Excel Capital Management / Merchant Industry Closer / Customer Service where he able to Search UCC leads for potential clients and pitch Cash Advance program. Basically he gets them funded which is what made their Program special. Eliminating all possibilities that would enable client to refuse loans. He also followed up on all Clients via CRM data base which he kept updated. Mr. Buie Looked for new ways to bring in potential customers. Showing others how to use vocal skills to help close deals and follow up to assure customer Satisfaction. Mr. Buie data base started to increase as his clients recommended him to their business associates. Mr. Buie is known as the closer. Able to close 9 to 11 deals per month.

Education (1983):  Graduated from Dewitt Clinton High School
Health Careers program(1986-1988): Completed Johnny Allen School of Broadcasting - Radio personality

Anthony Buie
3622 31st Street
Long Island City, NY 11106

Jerry Fontanez   A.K.A " Fast Feet" 

The legendary Jerry "Fast Feet" Fontanez is a lifetime entrepreneur who started his 1st martial arts business in 1982 at the age of 16. His career thus far has covered a vast range of areas which include martial arts, entertainment, public speaking and marketing.

Mr. Fontanez is an 8 time World Champion in the Martial Arts.

He has appeared on various National Shows and TV channels such as Good Day New York, The Regis Show, ESPN , MSG as well as having his own Karate Show on Bronx Net. Articles on his accomplishments, skills and success have been featured in New York Daily News, News Day and El Diario just to name few. He was featured on the cover of Sport Karate International both in 1988 and 1994.

Fast Feet

His passion for music and entertainment lead him to become an official member of the world famous Rock Steady Crew in 1991. "Fast Feet" performed on various stages with artists which include CNC Music Factory at the New York Palladium. He also appeared in 2
commercials. One for Burger King and the other with Chuck Norris.

From 1997 to 2011, Mr Fontanez designed, developed and distributed his own highly successful International Clothing Line. A revamped version of which is scheduled to relaunch early 2017.

In 2000 he discovered an additional passion while building his first e- commerce Website.

In 2011 because of the shift towards mobile marketing, Jerry founded Inhand Marketing to service friends and small businesses ranging from Landscapers, Karate Schools and various other. Then in 2013 with the rise and demand in mobile applications, he launched
Local App Biz.

Since then Jerry Fontanez has been ranked 1 of " America's Top 10" Small Business Consultants as seen on Google.

Earlier this year, with the desire to continuously help small businesses stay relative and competitive with the changing times he created IM Biz Viz.

Through the years Jerry has become extremely diverse in all social media and has even worked as a Social Media Director for a well known politician. He presently owns various businesses and continues his quest for personal and professional excellence while teaching and motivating others.

He is currently concentrating his skills on helping present and future professionals to further their success with his specialized experienced brand of marketing.

Spyder D

 Spyder D - Video Submission Director

Spyder D, (whose birth name is Sidney Duane Hughes), career began in earnest in 1979 after being inspired by hearing Frankie Crocker on WBLS-FM in NY play a yet unsigned bands debut single. That band was Vaughan Mason & Crew and the song was "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll". "Spyder" immediately decided he was going to meet this band and see if they could be of assistance in jump starting his music career.
Though it took some time and planning, Spyder did indeed make contact with Vaughan Mason with the help of DJ Reggie Swindell and Lon Deleon, a talk show host on the West Side Manhattan set of a cable talk show in January of 1980.
After two years of honing his production skills under Vaughan Mason's tutelage, Spyder, Vaughan and Vaughan Mason & Crew drummer/vocalist Butch Dayo went into New Jersey recording studio EARS to re-record Spyder's original demo.

After a much heated debate from the night before, the trio of song writers decided they would create a new song about the popular dance craze called the Smurf.  "Smerphie's Dance was released at the beginning of 1983, and would begin a string of Billboard charting singles from Spyder as either artist, producer, or, as both artist and producer. As Vaughan Mason took Spyder on as his protege, Spyder continued that cycle by taking other artists under his wing, including Sparky D & The Playgirls, Roxanne Shante, DJ Divine, Radio Personality Mr. Magic, Master Gee of the Sugar Hill Gang and Spyder's brother Spyder C just to name a few.

During this period of time between 1983 and 1988, Spyder signed to the management company Rush Productions, operated by Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons. In January of 1986, Spyder became the host and co-producer of sports first post game rap concert, the brainchild of Atlanta Hawks PUblic Relations' Frank Timmerman. Spyder enlisted the talent of future superstars LL Cool J and Salt & Pepa, protégés Sparky D/DJ Red Alert and Profile Records label mates Jekyl & Hyde. Spyder expanded his skill set during this 5 year span by becoming a manager at Hip Hops "Home Of The Hits" Power Play Recording studios after being introduced to owner Tony Arfi by his former school mate Davy D, who was King of Rap Kurtis Blow's DJ at the time. Learning from various hit makers such as DJ Marley Marl, Arthur Baker, Jellybean Bean Benitez, Patrick Adams, Russell Simmons, the Aleem Twins, Malcolm McClaren, and super producer Larry Smith, Spyder became as versatile an artist as their is in the industry as he also became a studio engineer and competent musician/programmer as well.
Spyder has received BMI awards, Gold records and other honors during a career that now spans 36 years and counting.

As an entrepreneur he has co-owned two basketball franchises in Charlotte and Atlanta with fellow Hip Hop Legends Glenn "Sweety G" Toby and Freedom Williams. He has also become an author, writing the book "I Hate Being Black", based on the lyrics of one of his new songs from a double album anthology entitled Spyder D's Greatest Skits Volumes 1 & 2. The new expanded edition of the book is due early 2016 and has been picked up by NY independent Publishing House Morgan James. Spyder has resurrected Newtroit Records, the record label he created in 1979 and has teamed up with Rainy Songs Entertainment for worldwide digital distribution. Spyder credits Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame artist/producer Chuck D of Public Enemy with keeping his creativity engaged when Chuck D encouraged him to keep creating and writing. Chuck D then performed with David Ruffin Jr., son of Motown's famed Temptations lead singer on Spyder D's In Case You Didn't Know, distributed by Chuck D's Spit Digital Distribution. Spyder D has already begun work on an all R&B album, in which he plans to announce the retirement of his rap career and begin anew as the solo soul artist "Unsung". Mark Skillz has penned Spyder D's autobiography entitled "So You Wanna Be A Rapper (The Trials & Tribulations of Spyder D), available as an ebook at digital stores such as Amazon, Google and iTunes worldwide.

"Spyder" D Hughes
Mobile: 213-283-9564
Studio: 678-519-4641 7am-7pm Eastern
Office: 347-709-2250 7am-7pm Eastern
Fax: 678-489-6814
Skype: spydomobile